Making Sure You Get Favorable Custody Verdict After a Divorce

Prioritize children’s interests, provide stability, and keep them informed during and post-divorce proceedings. Document parental responsibilities to prove active involvement and commitment to children’s well-being. Clean legal records and immediate

man with handcuff

The Legal Struggles of Being an Ex-Con – What You Need To Know

Ex-convicts face legal hurdles, including discrimination in employment and housing and restrictions on voting rights. Further challenges include strict probation conditions, collateral consequences like loss of licenses, and credit issues.

parents undergoing conflict

Navigating the Complexities of Divorce When You Have a Child

Prioritize your child’s needs during divorce, ensuring open communication and a sound co-parenting plan. Consider alternative dispute resolution methods like collaborative divorce, arbitration, neutral evaluation, and mediation. Hire a family

car accident

What Are Some Laws Covering Auto Accidents in The U.S.?

Auto accidents are governed by laws varying from state to state, distinguishing between “fault” and “no-fault” states. All states require compulsory auto insurance, with coverage types and minimum requirements differing

A Guide to Understanding Laws Protecting LGBT Families

An estimated 114,000 same-sex couples are raising over 220,000 children in diverse locations across the U.S. Legal protections for LGBT families include marriage equality, joint adoption rights, and parentage laws. Transgender parents

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