Community Information - Kent County, Delaware

Located in the center of Delaware, Kent County is one of three counties that comprise the State of Delaware. Situated halfway between New York and Washington, DC, Kent County offers quick and easy access to more than one-third of the nation's population. Living in Central Delaware, one enjoys an attractive, naturally beautiful environment, while taking advantage of the lower cost of doing business. An available, trained and trainable labor force, a pool of skilled labor with an excellent work ethic, inexpensive land, below average construction costs, tax incentives, low property taxes, and no sales tax all contribute to our outstanding business climate.

Three hundred years of agriculture, commerce and politics have given Kent Countians a legacy of which they are justly proud. That revered heritage is reflected at historic properties throughout the county. They include the State House, Governor's Mansion and the State Museum Complex in the State Capital, Dover; the John Dickinson Plantation south of Dover and the Maritime Museum at Bowers Beach.



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Total Land Area:
595 square miles (952 square kilometers)

Population: 2016-2017



In the northern part of the county, the town of Smyrna awaits the history buff with many historic sites. Belmont Hall, built in 1686, was home of Governor Collins during the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. In the Milford area, the Parson Thorne mansion, built by one of the founders of the community in 1735, and Abbots Mill are points of interest. Dover's historic Green was laid out by William Penn in 1680, and is where Delaware became the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

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