Utility Information - Kent County, Delaware

Cable/Telephone Services                                                      Natural Gas
Comcast 888-266-2278                                                             Chesapeake Utilities 302-734-6700
www.xfinity.com                                                                         www.chpk.com

Verizon 302-212-0227                                                                Private Water Service                                                                                         
www.verizon.com                                                                       Tidewater Utilities Inc. 302-734-7500

Electricity                                                                                   Artesian Resources 800-332-5114       

Delaware Electric Co-op 855-332-9090                                      www.artesianwater.com

Delmarva Power 800-375-7117                                                 Solid Waste Disposal
www.delmarva.com                                                                    Delaware Solid Waste Authority 800-332-5114 

DEMEC                                                                                      www.dswa.com                                                                                    
City of Dover 302-736-7035                                                     
City of Milford 302-422-6616                                                     KC Wastewater Treatment Facility 302-744-2430
Town of Smyrna 302-653-9231                                                 www.co.kent.de.us/public-works-dept



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