Water/Sewer/Solid Waste - Kent County, Delaware

Water is supplied by local utilities and is drawn from deep aquifers. Water quality as well as availability is excellent.


Unincorporated areas: Private companies, Individual wells
Countywide sewer is provided through a county-owned sewer treatment facility with a design capacity of 17 million gallons per day. Current daily average use is 13 million gallons.  Improvements are done regularly to add additional transmission and treatment capacity to accommodate future needs.


Unincorporated areas: On-site wastewater systems (permit required), County Sewer
Kent County Sewage Treatment Plant:Capacity: 17,000,000 gals./day
Present Load: 13,000,000 gals./day
Contact: Kent County Engineer-Dover 736-2101

Solid Waste:

Delaware Solid Waste Authority 739-5361
Independent Private Waste Haulers

Municipalities in Kent County also provide household waste removal

Industrial Users contact with Private Waste Companies such as BFI, IDP and other companies in the area.

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