Government - Kent County, Delaware

Government Cooperation

In Kent County, there is a long tradition of state and local governments working together to make it easier for companies to locate and expand. Access to elected and government officials is outstanding as well. The state and local governments support new investment and job creation.

Kent County Levy Court, 7 Commissioners, County Seat: Dover Comprehensive Land Use and Zoning.

Address: 555 Bay Road, Dover DE 19901.
Phone: (302) 744-2300 Fax (302) 736-2279

Police Protection/Fire Protection

Delaware State Police is responsible for the unincorporated areas in Kent County. Troup 3 is located in Camden. In case of emergency in Kent County, CALL: 911.

Emergency Numbers

Dover 911 736-7111 911
Air Force Base 677-4420 677-2100 911
Milford 911 422-8081 911
Smyrna 911 653-9217 911


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