Education - Kent County, Delaware

Students in Kent County benefit from the small size of the school districts and from the diverse, well-managed programs which are maintained with stable state support. An emphasis on instruction in basic skills has resulted in every school in the county scoring above national norms in reading, language and mathematics. A broad range of upper-level and advanced courses for high school students, plus programs for gifted children and for children with physical, mental or emotional challenges are available. Kent County schools are noted for their extracurricular activities including athletics, the arts, Junior Achievement, and many others. Kent County schools benefit from the state's overall high standards for education.

Students in Delaware must master basic skills in order to be promoted, and high school students must master basic skills to qualify for a diploma. Kent County schools are governed by local boards of education. While the state provides most of the revenues, local boards have much input in deciding how these funds can best be used to meet the needs of the community. 

Number of High Schools 6
Number of Middle Schools 8
Number of Elementary Schools 26
Number of Private Schools   27
Number of Charter Schools   6

Higher Education

Wesley College - 2,500 Full & Part Time

Delaware Technical & Community College-3,000

Delaware State University-3,900

Wilmington University


Enrollment - Public Schools (Department of Education)


30,858     Public Schools
1052     Home Schools
2050     Private Schools
33,960     Kent County Total Enrollment





Estimated # of H.S. Graduates rate 84.66% (Statewide)

Libraries: 4

Total Number of Volumes:  215,000+

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