Healthcare - Kent County, Delaware

Kent County is served by two fully staffed and equipped general hospitals. Bayhealth Medical Center is located in Dover. Milford Memorial Hospital is located in Milford. These facilities meet the vast majority of Kent County's needs. Additional care is provided by the Medical Center of Delaware, Christiana, and by referral to major teaching hospitals in Philadelphia and Baltimore. Kent County has seven private nursing homes. Delaware is the first state to have statewide 911 emergency call service and each county provides advanced emergency care through highly-trained Paramedic Corps and hospital trauma centers.

Kent County is served by Bayhealth Medical Center which includes:

    Bayhealth Dover, Smyrna & Milford
No. of Beds
No. of Physicians
No. of Employees



Both Bayhealth, Dover and Milford are excellent health care facilities with intensive care units and may other services.

Ambulances/Paramedics: Kent County offers county-wide Paramedic Service (Dial 911)

Dover: Ambulance services are provided by Volunteer Fire Departments and private companies. Paramedics, paid by Kent County, provide county wide coverage.

Milford: 2, Volunteer Based at Carlisle Fire Hall

Smyrna: 1, Volunteer Based at American Legion


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